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What can the experts from MegaPaints assist you with today? Peruse our list of services to discover how MegaPaints can inspire you and provide solutions for common household problems. MegaPaints can fix the problem and make it look great!


Practical and Decorative Paint Solutions from MegaPaints

The practical and decorative paint solutions provided by MegaPaints stretch far and wide in order to deliver everything from house paint to industrial floor coating to provide you with a once off solution. Many people waste hours of time and unspeakable amounts of money by using the incorrect paint solution, often multiple times before getting what you actually need.

What sets MegaPaints apart is the fact that our experts can help you avoid spending time and money on the wrong product to ensure you only buy what is necessary to fix the problem for a number of years. They will even provide advice on how to go about fixing the issue should it appear elsewhere in your home or place of business.

Whether you need to get the right roof paint or the right paint stripper for wood and don’t know where to start, call in the authority on industrial solutions. The MegaPaint team can provide technical advice while also acting as a decorative connoisseur to give you tips on what colour it comes in and what will look best aesthetically.

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○ Wood Care

○ Tile Care

○ Floor Care

○ Stone Sealers

○ Waterproofing

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○ High Quality Exterior
   House Paint

○ Industrial Paint
   and Primers

○ Road Marking

○ Protective Coatings
   for Steel Structures

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○ Decorative Paint
   and Primers

○ Protective Coatings

○ Wide Range of
   Colours Available

○ Wallpaper

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○ Creative Products

○ Mixx Cement

○ Chalk Paint


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MegaPaints Team

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MegaPaints is a father-and-daughter run team providing outstanding service offering everything from chalk paint workshops to industrial paint colour consultations. After opening in 2007, MegaPaints quickly became known as one of the best painting solution providers in Gauteng. Outstanding products, friendly service and expert advice is what keeps our customers coming back for more.

Our passion is colour and making things beautiful, as well as providing advice and products designed to keep surfaces looking polished and aesthetically pleasing for as long as possible. 

Mike de Jager

Mike de Jager

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Nina de Jager

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