Decorative Paints and Primers

Ensure you invest in the right product that provides a guarantee. This means you won’t need to repaint every year but once every decade instead, especially when it comes to roof paint as well as interior and exterior house paint. 

Industrial Paint and Primers

For heavy-duty paint and primers made to serve a particular purpose in your industry. Please do not hesitate to consult with our experts should you need any advice.

Mixx Designer Range

The Mixx Designer Range  is the most contemporary and chic look for your interior (or exterior) on the market, made available for every home by MegaPaints.

Wood Care

Have a beautiful wooden piece or patio? Be sure to care for it so that you can appreciate the wood’s natural allure for as long as possible with the proper wood paint and care products.

Road Marking
Road Marking

The products we make available to the public include that which is made to create indispensable things like road markings. These products must be of the highest quality to ensure the safety of drivers on our South African roads.


If you have ever had a leak of any kind you know the devastation it can cause. To protect your services from water damage make use of suitable waterproofing paint products.

Tile Care
Tile Care

When you’ve taken the time and care of selecting and having tiles laid, you need to maintain them with the proper tile care. Many people skip this step entirely and shorten the lifespan of their tiles significantly.

Floor Care
Wood Care

When looking for the best clear coat for wood floors be sure to visit us at MegaPaints. The same that is true of tiles is true of any flooring: maintenance is key to ensuring you get the most out of your floors in terms of appearance and lifespan. 

Stone Sealer
Stone Sealers

Granite, marble and other kinds of stone add an undeniable sense of luxury to a space. Without the use of an effective stone sealer, all this will be for naught. If you invest in stone surfaces be sure to pair this with a high quality stone sealer.

Brushes and Rollers
Brushes and Rollers

At MegaPaints we make all the equipment you will need to complete a paint job available to you. A selection of brushes and rollers are in store and our friendly staff can deliver expert advice as to which ones will work best depending on your application’s needs. We also have nails and screws available.

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