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Mike de Jager

Mike de Jager

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Nina de Jager

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We arrange colour consultations to give advice, helping customers to create their idyllic space in terms of colour and functionality. Whether you choose to visit us or call us to you, we will deliver expertise on both the right colour and correct products to make your decorative dreams a reality. We want colour to enhance and compliment all aspects of your room, your home and your life.

You are welcome to set up a colour consultation to ensure that you invest in a paint and colour that will lift your space to new heights for years to come. To aquire even more guidance and skills on how you can turn your home or business into a magazine-publication-worthy space, attend one of our varied MegaPaints workshops.

Whether you need to get some serious work done with products from reliable industrial paint manufacturers, or are just looking to add some colour to your life, then MegaPaints is your one-stop-shop on the road to function and style.

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