Mixx Cement DIY Product

Mixx Cement can be used as a DIY product to create a thin, cement-based coating onto any number of surfaces of practically any kind.

You can use the following techniques to achieve the desired effect in 36 different colours:

  • Troweling
  • Painting
  • Dipping
  • Colour Layers
  • Ombre

Mixx Application View

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Mixx how to: Basic Mix
Mixx how to: Troweling
Mixx how to: Painting
Mixx how to: Thick Mixx
Mixx how to: Sealers
Mixx how to: Tiles

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CoCo Jones Paint

If you have never worked with chalk paint but are dying to try it, MegaPaints has the workshop for you. We teach beginners how to work with CoCo Jones Chalk Paint and Coco Jones Waxes to create DIY masterpieces.

We are registered stockists with the supplies onsite which means that you can purchase your supplies after attending the workshop and go on to be creative at home. Coco Jones chalk paint can be used to create any manner of creations.

We will teach you how to:

  • Do all the necessary prep before painting
  • Mix your own colours
  • Create a vintage look
  • Create a smooth modern finish
  • Create two-colour/double distressing

Whether you are looking to create stencil work, bring out the life in old wooden furniture or simply apply a colour wash or impasto effect, CoCo Jones can do it all.

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